Business Analysis and Intelligence Specialists
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In the business of helping your business

We can help you design, develop, and implement your business plan or specific project plans.

Our focus is on your business needs to meet your outcomes

Knowledge Bridge consultants will use an analytical approach that meets your needs and budget.  We have experience conducting business mentoring, business analysis, and operations analysis.  With each approach we will focus on opportunity, efficiency, and risk mitigation.

When you invest in your business by bringing the Knowledge Bridge team on board, you invest in:

Extensive Leadership, Management, and Project Experience;
• Refined Business Analysis Skills;
• Practiced skills at Understanding and Communicating Complex Problems;
• Adroit use of Critical Thinking to identify Practical, Innovative Solutions;
• Experienced application of Interpersonal Skills to Facilitate, Mentor and Connect; and
• Substantial international and domestic experience in Organization Development; Strategic Analysis; and Partnership Building.

Business Mentoring involves dealing directly with the small business owner to rejuvenate and focus on growth and opportunity.  Johanna leads these engagements under the Decision Point© banner.

Business Analysis is a more formal approach, based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge – BABOK® published by the International Institute of Business Analysis – IIBA®, and can be scaled to any sized business or enterprise.  Ron leads these engagements.

Knowledge Bridge’s Operations Analysis is based on best practices from government and non- governmental organizations that operate in harsh environments and under austere conditions.  This type of analysis is highly customized and will often include professional services of Knowledge Bridge associates.  Ron has extensive experience in putting the right teams together to meet these needs.